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Simplifying Logistics, Amplifying Success

Introducing TRANS, our flagship software designed to revolutionize logistics and transportation management. With a robust set of features. TRANS ensures a seamless and efficient operation across various domains.

Under FULL TRUCK LOAD, master your logistics with comprehensive features covering transactions and detailed reports. Keep your fleet in top shape with the FLEET module, managing master data, transactions, and generating insightful reports.

BOOKING simplifies the logistics process, while TYRE/BATTERY MAINTENANCE ensures your vehicles are road-ready. Handle transactions and generate reports effortlessly in the CARD, DIESEL CREDITOR, DRIVER PERFORMANCE, and TRUCK PERFORMANCE modules.

TRANS goes beyond transportation logistics with POD COLLECTION/SUBMISSION, ensuring a smooth and accountable process. Streamline payroll operations with the PAYROLL module, managing master data, transactions, and generating detailed reports.


Sailing Beyond Limits

Elevate your business with our streamlined Fleet Management System (FMS). Designed for simplicity, our user-friendly FMS puts you in control of your vehicle fleet effortlessly. Gain real-time insights, optimize routes, and cut fuel costs strategically. Take charge of maintenance schedules for optimal vehicle performance.

Fuel expenses can be a drain on your budget, but our FMS acts as a cost-cutting ally. Monitor consumption, identify inefficiencies, and implement strategies for savings, contributing to a leaner operation.

Driver behavior directly influences your success. FMS provides vital data for performance enhancement and safety promotion, resulting in fewer accidents and reduced maintenance costs.

More than just a tool, our FMS is a strategic partner. Streamline fleet management, save time and money, and ensure peak efficiency. Embrace a smarter way to manage your fleet – because simplicity is not just a feature; it’s your business advantage

Harvest Success, Cultivate Efficiency

Introducing TEACC, your all-in-one solution for efficient Tea farm management. Streamline your agricultural operations effortlessly with our comprehensive software. TEACC’s MASTER module allows you to control every aspect of your farm, from garden-related tasks to staff and work management. Keep track of transactions, manage general attendance, and monitor plucking attendance seamlessly.

Our software offers advanced features like monthly staff attendance, leave/special attendance tracking, and task management for plucking. Set up paid and unpaid holidays effortlessly, and manage rain fall and temperature entries with ease. TEACC also provides section-wise plucking area management, expense advances, and accurate rationing tracking.

From generating bills for electric, medical, and miscellaneous expenses to maintaining CF amount entries, TEACC ensures precision in financial operations. The software excels in generating comprehensive reports, including staff and worker registers, monthly salary structures, daily plucking reports, and more.

TEACC is your go-to solution for simplifying farm management, ensuring accuracy, and boosting productivity. Try TEACC today for a smarter and more streamlined agricultural experience

Empowering Timber Trade Dynamics

Welcome to TIMBER, your ultimate software for seamless timber management. TIMBER’s MASTER module allows you to effortlessly oversee and control various aspects of your timber-related operations. From managing logs, vessels, and accounts to handling expenses and grades, TIMBER covers it all.

The software’s TRANSACTION module enables you to handle logs, containers, and account transactions efficiently. Keep a close eye on your timber-related activities with detailed reports such as purchase summaries, sale statements, stock statements, and more.

TIMBER goes beyond just transactions, offering comprehensive financial insights with detailed reports like the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and trading account. Monitor debtor and creditor details, track container movements, and optimize on-account payments effortlessly.

With features like CONTAINER TRACKING and USER PERFORMANCE, TIMBER ensures that your timber management processes are not only efficient but also optimized for better decision-making. Simplify your timber operations with TIMBER – your go-to solution for precision and productivity in the timber industry

Crafting Excellence, Simplifying Operations

Introducing Plyfact, your go-to software for seamless plywood inventory and accounting management. The MASTER module of Plyfact empowers you to effortlessly organize and control your business elements, from A/C heads and groups to items and contractors. Keep a close eye on your inventory with detailed divisions, departments, and store item classifications.

Plyfact’s TRANSACTION module handles various operations, including inward/outward stock movements, purchase returns, production details, and billing. Streamline your processes with accurate tracking of cutting, block loss, log sales, and material resizing. Optimize efficiency with machine performance metrics and precise store transactions.

Plyfact ensures accuracy in financial management through detailed reports, covering inventory status and comprehensive accounts summaries. From daily vouchers to journal entries, Plyfact provides a holistic view of your business’s financial health.

Simplify your inventory and accounting tasks with Plyfact, your trusted solution for precision and productivity in the wood working industry

Precision in Motion, Business Accelerated

Meet Auto, your comprehensive software solution for efficient auto workshop and inventory management. The MASTER module of Auto allows you to effortlessly handle workshop-related data, including vehicle/chassis details, job types, and mechanic/engineer profiles. Manage job work, service vans, and inventory seamlessly for a streamlined workflow.

The INVENTORY & BILLING module ensures accurate billing and inventory management. Handle accounts, transactions, and workshop-related activities effortlessly. Auto’s detailed REPORTS provide insights into workshop-related data, inventory status, billing and sales performance, and comprehensive accounts overview.

Navigate through various financial reports such as profit & loss statements, balance sheets, and chassis analysis. Auto even simplifies service tax reporting, receipt/payment statements, and miscellaneous reports for a thorough understanding of your business’s financial health.

With Auto, your auto workshop operations become efficient and organized. From workshop transactions to inventory management and financial reporting, Auto is your go-to solution for precision and productivity in the auto industry

Effortless Attendance Track, Manage, Succeed!

Introducing E-Atten, your go-to solution for streamlined workforce operations! Our user-friendly mobile app allows employees to effortlessly mark attendance, request leaves, and access salary details anytime, anywhere.

For administrators, our intuitive dashboard offers real-time insights into attendance patterns, easy leave approvals, and seamless salary tracking. E-Atten ensures data security and compliance, providing scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Boost productivity, cut down on paperwork, and empower your team with E-Atten — where efficiency meets simplicity. Experience the future of modern workplace operations today!

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