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Empower your business with our comprehensive web solutions. From design to development, we create online success stories that captivate and convert

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WebSite Design & Development

We develop and design any kind of website and according to the requirements of the clients at a very reasonable rate.

web application development

Our experts are capable of developing any kind of applications. Here, the developers use the modern and upto dated technic.

e-commerce solution

Provide every kind of E-Com solution , which includes development, SEO, marketing and complete maintenance.

sms and email provider

SMS and Email integrated with the application or website is been provided at a very cost effective rates.



1. Gathering Requirement

We gather various information and focus mainly on clients requirement to achieve the goal.

Requirement gathering for software development

2. Planning & Scheduling

Completion of projects within time period given to our clients with maximun rate of satisfaction.

Planning phase for development

3. Strategies & Work Mapping

Before start of any project our team makes strategies and map the project to achieve the goal with minimal chance of error during the work period.

strategy making for app and websites

4. Web Design

Designing of a website or application is the crucial part of any project. Our primary objective is to provide the best design without any duplication.

Web design and development for businesses

5. Web Development

Our teams of experts develop the application exactly according to the customers requirement with fully customizable options.

6. Testing

Before the final submissions testing is done in various conditions by our various team of expert analyst.

testing and quality assurance phase

7. Launch and After Service

After the launch of a website or application we provide best in class service without any kind of hassle.

Launch and deployment of software product

Few of our portfolio

Bajaj Parivahan PVT LTD
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Great India Roadways
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Bajaj Express PVT LTD
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Smart Movers
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At BNB Software, respect is the foundation of our interactions. We value every client, employee, and stakeholder, fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment. Our commitment to respect extends to creating software solutions that reflect the dignity and integrity of our users. Choose BNB Software for technology-driven excellence with respect at its core.

BNB Software is dedicated to ethical practices in every aspect of our business. Our commitment to integrity guides the development of software solutions that prioritize user privacy, security, and responsible technology use. Choose us for cutting-edge, ethical software that aligns with your values and business principles.

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